IMS Achieves Level 6 B-B BEE Rating

Leading comminution and separation solutions provider IMS Engineering (IMS) has achieved a Level 6 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-B BEE) rating with 41 points, giving the company a 50% B-BBEE procurement recognition level.

This was independently verified by verification agency Brentwood Kolisa.

IMS MD Paul Bracher says he is delighted with the report and IMS’ efforts in this regard are paying dividends. “The process of empowerment is extremely important to this company. We do not see it as something foist upon us by the authorities but rather as an essential component in the development of our country. We will continue tirelessly with our endeavour to improve on every aspect of our B-B BEE status,” Bracher says.

Ingrid Linzbacher, IMS Group Human Resources Manager, who also looks after the company’s BEE policy and compliance, said she was particularly pleased with the relatively high ratings in the areas of Preferential Procurement and Enterprise Development. “We will continue to make headway with these,” Linzbacher says.

She added that there was still room for improvement in the Skills Development arena but that IMS has a clear strategy for the future.

“We have a healthy community of young people in the organisation who are showing impressive levels of skill and performance,” she says. “They are taking on more responsibility, learning to cope with the daily challenges of the job and are fitting in well with the structure of the organisation.

“Proper and patient training of our youth in conjunction with ongoing Continuing Professional Development will be a major priority moving forward,” says Linzbacher.

“While we are determined to improve our B-B BEE rating, it is a process which obviously takes time,” says Linzbacher. “We have, however, with this compliance rating, taken a huge step forward and we look forward to further improvements in the future,” she concluded.