Sensor Sorting, Re-engineered Crusher and Test Plant Aimed at Improving Customer Opearations - IMS

Leading comminution and separation solutions provider IMS recently launched its state-of the-art materials test centre in conjunction with unveiling its new range of Steinert sensor sorters and its re-engineered Cybas cone crusher, the Cybas I.

“These initiatives, combined with the recent acquisition of, allmineral, a leading manufacturer of advanced sorting technology, put us in a better position than ever before to help our customers enhance their business operations through unlocking maximum value in their comminution and separation processes,” says IMS MD Paul Bracher.

The test plant, located at IMS’s premises in Spartan, Kempton Park, has a full range of crushers and sorters including a new Steinert sensor sorter.

The facility also includes a fully-equipped laboratory for the analysis of pertinent data.

In terms of sensor sorting, Bracher says that it will be an important part of the sorting solution in the future and that IMS is at the cutting-edge of this trend through its partnership with STEINERT Elektromagnetbau GmbH, a global leader in separation technology for the recycling, metals and mining industries. Cologne-based STEINERT has a wide range of sensor-based separation and sorting solutions including: X-Ray Transmission (XRT) and XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) sorting or XSS® (STEINERTS brand name for x-ray sorting); Optical Colour Sorting; 3-D Laser Sorting (shape recognition), Induction Sorting (recognition of particle electromagnetic properties) and Near Infrared (NIR) sorting, which analyses the reflected NIR spectrum.

“This is a technology whose day has come and we look forward to significant penetration in the southern African market, which is ideally suited to it,” Bracher said.

Shannon McEwan, IMS business development and capital equipment sales manager, says that with STEINERT technology and the acquisition of allmineral, IMS is able to provide a more cost-efficient, comprehensive waterless alternative to the traditional wet processing methods.

“Sensor sorting is, in general, much more cost-effective than traditional sorting methods,” says McEwan. “Apart from saving on water, less energy and labour is required and, perhaps most importantly, because one can sort at the point of extraction, only the ore containing the mineral needs be transported thus saving significantly on transportation costs.

McEwan says that IMS will initially focus on the coal mining sector – with XSS® T (XRT) – where there is the biggest opportunity for the technology right now. “The tripartite relationship between IMS, allmineral and STEINERT makes us one of the powerhouses in separation technology in Africa,” he says.

The final piece in the IMS puzzle of upgraded offerings is the CYBAS-i - the next generation CYBAS crusher – the result of intensive research and development of the crushing chamber and overall mechanical design.

This development was achieved through collaboration between Kawasaki and IMS engineers, who used their experiences from a multitude of real-world applications and combined what they learnt with the latest developments in materials and mechanical design.

Bracher says the CYBAS-i retains all the renowned robustness and reliability of the original CYBAS Cone, while improving throughput and crushing capacity. “Ease of operation and maintenance, coupled with its upgraded features, positions the CYBAS-I as the state-of-the-art cone crusher on the market.”

Founded in South Africa in 1949, IMS focuses on end product requirements and provides optimal crushing solutions from concept to design through to end of plant.

IMS has distribution agreements with many of the world’s leading comminution technology providers including Kawasaki, Koppern, Minpro, Taprogge, and, of course, Hazemag, which is the majority shareholder in the company.

For more information please contact: Paul Bracher on 010 001 8202