Specialised Ball Mill

Specialised Ball Mills

IMS Engineering can supply preferential ball mills developed by IMS Engineering and ETCL. These mills were developed to solve the problems associated with the presence of shells and clay when treating marine material. The shells can trap small diamonds, which can be lost in the DMS recovery process, while FeSi is lost as it is trapped in the shells.

Preferential milling implies that certain parts of the feed material will be broken down while others are not. The basic operating philosophy is to liberate diamonds from marine gravel which includes shell and clay, while minimising diamond damage, i.e. crush the shell and disintegrate the clay/mud without damaging diamonds and crushing pebbles.

The preferential mill provides the optimum solution to the comminution requirements of the marine environment encountered on board mining vessels where the general metallurgical process target is to break down shell and clay, while at the same time ensuring that diamonds are not damaged.

Specialised Ball Mills

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