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I-MOST Overview

While traditional methods of monitoring are well established in the mining industry, these methods are not necessarily suited for the new world of business imperatives. IMost aims to tailor to this new world with:

increased plant availability,

reduced environmental impact,

lower operating costs,

reduced labor resources,

and increased “green” credentials.

IMost, or Integrated Monitoring Optimization Support Technologies, allows stakeholders to operationalize their equipment data in order to optimize its performance and efficiencies through valuable insights. This allows you to maintain a competitive edge while simultaneously keeping up with the fast paced world and the technological advancements that come with it.


The system currently integrates directly onto any control system and maps any available parameters through secure protocols to a centralized database in the cloud. A single piece of hardware with minimal space requirements is required.

As an example on one product range ie compression crushers, IMOST is able to monitor the following condition aspects:

  • Gap Calibration Monitoring
  • Hydraulic System Health
  • Crusher Heat Generation
  • Crusher Efficiency Zones
  • Power Curve Area
  • Wear Factor
  • Out of Threshold Alarms
  • Real time Raw data Visualizations
  • Machine Learning Breakdown Predictions


  • Customer Support
  • Inventory Planning
  • Advise Client on Equipment Operation
  • Enhance Client Relationship
  •  Quicker Intervention


  • Troubleshooting
  • Identify Design Improvement Areas
  • Identify New Equipment Characteristics


  • Monitor Production and Costs
  • Manage Staff & Operation Inefficiencies
  • Cross Reference Plants
  • Access to the online portal, anytime and anywhere


  • Optimize Production
  • Reduce Cost
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Increase Safety
  • Plan Maintenance
  • Manage inventory
  • Enhanced output
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