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IMS Engineering strives to continually improve through innovation, engineering excellence, and performance as its key pillars to be at the forefront of its industry.

By incorporating its in-depth knowledge base of the industry, IMS Engineering has developed a tailor-made technology for its equipment to enter the Industry 4.0 world: I-MOST.

Our Integrated Monitoring Optimisation Support Technologies (I-MOST) allow stakeholders to operationalise their equipment data in order to optimise its performance and efficiencies through valuable insights.

Comprehensive Technology

  • I-MOST’s ability to predict breakdowns and monitor maintenance compliance and performance enables higher fleet lifecycle efficiency.
  • Information from I-MOST’s analytics platform can be integrated into existing control room systems in real-time, and can be accessed remotely from anywhere, around the clock, and on any device, enabling you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business, wherever you are.
  • Plant managers can gain incremental improvements in overall equipment efficiency and obtain additional production hours through I-MOST.
  • I-MOST allows improved maintenance coordination, from planning to ordering of the parts and getting the machine back up and running.
  • I-MOST ensures your plant operates at its optimum and most profitable at all times.

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