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Sensor Sorting


In the early 2000s, IMS Engineering introduced sensor-based sorting to the mining and mineral industry, starting with a basic colour sensor and advancing to today’s latest sensors.

Sensor sorting is the application of sensor technologies in detecting, analysing, and accurately separating individual rock particles based on differences in specific properties.

The latest Sensor Sorting technology for separating materials and minerals includes state-of-the-art, highly accurate, efficient, robust, easily maintained, and well-supported COMEX sensor sorting systems.

Based on 20 years of know-how and practical experience, IMS Engineering is confident that this globally proven cutting-edge technology provides significant processing, economic and environmental benefits to the mining industry.

Applications Include:

➣ Pre-concentration and upgrading of resources, increasing feed grade, product quality and value, and processing efficiencies while reducing costs

➣ Converting unsaleable or sub-economic low-grade ore or dumps into a valuable economic resource

Comprehensive Technology

  • X-Ray Transmission (XRT) – Standard Dual Energy)
  • X-Ray Transmission (XRT) – High Definition Dual Energy
  • X-ray Transmission (XRT) – Multi-Energy
  • X-ray Fluorescence (XRF
  • Colour (RGB) – Visible Light
  • Near Infrared (NIR) – Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) – 900-1700nm
  • Near Infrared (NIR) – Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) – 900-2500nm
  • Combined XRT and RGB – Multi-sensor
  • Combined XRT and NIR – Multi-sensor
  • Combined Laser and Optical Camera – Multi-sensor
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